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London’s top five curry houses

London has the best curry outside of Asia, but where are the really great places to go? Food blogger Niamh Shields picks her favourites, from Stoke Newington to Tooting and Southall Click here for more info…

Ramsay gets burned during 12-hour curry cooking lesson

GORDON Ramsay is used to being at the top of the chain of command but the chef was reduced to the role of kitchen apprentice at a Southall restaurant as he learned how to make a perfect curry. Ramsay, 41, … Continue reading

The top five best curry takeaways in Britain

Britain is slowly discovering the delights of “proper” Indian cooking, as restaurants representing the country’s many regional variations open to acclaim. However, there is still a very fond place in our hearts for the traditional Indian curry house, with its … Continue reading

Dipna’s Spicy Secrets

Dipna Anand is fast gaining a reputation in the food world for revolutionising the way we think about Indian cooking – and now she has joined the team at to spread the good word. Click here for more info…

A young chef dubbed the ‘Indian Jamie Oliver’ has returned to her old Heston school to encourage pupils to follow in her footsteps.

Dipna Anand showed students at Heston Community School, where she studied between  1995 and 2002, how to whip up some of her award-winning healthy recipes. The 24-year-old was inspired to create a range of low-fat Indian recipes as a teenager … Continue reading

First Bhangra Artists To Perform At 10 Downing Street

London: Bhangra legend Channi Singh of Alaap and hisstar daughter Mona Singh were invited to attend the Prime Minister’s Vaisakhi reception at 10 Downing Street on Monday 16 April 2012. The event, which was attended by key figures from the … Continue reading