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The food served by The Brilliant is North Indian Punjabi cuisine with a Kenyan slant. The Brilliant specialise in producing the finest Indian food with some Kenyan influenced dishes due to its Kenyan routes, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Furthermore The Brilliant is part of the Country Land Association’s ‘Just Ask Campaign’ and sources its ingredients locally as much as possible.

Only the freshest of products and finest ingredients are used to ensure that only the best is served to guests. Our team of highly skilled chefs work hard to ensure each dish is cooked to perfection and that each preparation is unique in its own way. The Brilliant does not compromise when it comes to food quality and guarantees the highest standard of food safety and hygiene to prepare all dishes. Brilliant’s team of chefs ensure each dish is made to guest requirements and are also able to take care of any food allergy requirements agreed prior to contract.

Package includes:

There will be an additional 10% service charge added to the total price



Banqueting Set Menu


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