Celebrity Chef Dipna Joins Spice 2 Go!

Dipna Anand

Dipna Anand

Indian takeaway franchiser chain finds its recipe for success in TV chef

Spice 2 Go, the UK’s first Indian takeaway franchise chain, is excited to announce that it’s welcoming the curry expertise of award-winning celebrity chef Dipna on board to help perfect its curries and introduce some exciting new signature dishes.

Dipna Anand, who goes just by her first name, hails from the family behind long-established and world-renowned Indian restaurant Brilliant, which is based in Southall, West London. She has teamed up with Spice 2 Go to put the authentic Indian flavours back into its existing dishes, as well as adding her very own signature recipes.

The first signature dish Dipna is introducing to Spice 2 Go is her personal favourite, which has been passed down her family from generation to generation – Methi Chicken. This stunning curry combines authentic Indian spices with succulent chunks of chicken and a thick tomato masala sauce, and was created by Dipna’s grandfather more than half a century ago.

Bubbly but feisty, British Curry Award-winning Dipna is on a mission to help Spice 2 Go transform its curries so that they are almost as delicious as the ones she makes herself. With a bit of extra spice and Dipna’s extensive knowhow, Spice 2 Go’s curries are soon to be a taste sensation you can’t afford to let pass you by.

When Dipna isn’t in the Spice 2 Go kitchen putting together spicy concoctions, she’s teaching curry classes at her family’s restaurant Brilliant in West London, or writing new recipes for her upcoming cookbook as well as working on a potential TV cookery show. Dipna prides her recipes on them being achievable – easy enough for anybody to recreate themself with the right instruction.

Dipna’s arrival coincides with the launch of Spice 2 Go’s second store, which is located in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, with several more stores expected to open in the coming months. She’s a massive asset to this fresh, young brand, and Spice 2 Go’s potential to revolutionise the market is now greater than ever.

Dipna’s signature curry Methi Chicken will soon be available to order from all Spice 2 Go stores. You can learn more about Dipna and her journey as Spice 2 Go’s signature chef by checking out her official webpage or by liking her Facebook page,

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