Curry Industry Feels the Heat

ABBAR KHAN, group director of the Lasan Restau- rant Group in Birmingham, told EE that the interim immigration cap had “ruined” his plans because he was struggling to recruit people locally with the necessary skills.

“The top curry restau- rants in the UK all have Asian chefs who put 100 per cent into being qualified and trained hard,” Khan said. “Because of the cap we are losing out on the opportunity to generate great wealth.”

Dipna Anand, assistant manager of Brilliant Restaurant in Southall, west London, told EE: “The government is always talking about how the curry industry is important to the country but they are contradicting themselves. If we can’t get the staff we need, how will we survive?”

Bajloor Rashid, chairman of the Bangladesh Caterers Association, told EE: “Each restaurant is losing on average £19,000 a year because they are not able to run at capacity. It is most unfair.”

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