Healthy Options

Our vegetarian main courses have also been given a makeover. Dal Tarka (yellow lentils cooked with garlic and red chillies), though still retaining its flavour, eschews the traditional method of tempering which would usually leave a layer of fat on top of the dish. Bombay Alu, is also cooked to perfection in a tasty masala, made with minimal fat.

Further healthy attributes come from our choice of salads on the menu while ghee (clarified butter) is now only utilised in moderation and even then merely to add flavour. Our Tandoori specialities, cooked traditionally in the clay oven are also light and healthy. We would like customers to be aware that we have not changed the spice content of the healthy option dishes or re-developed the recipes, all we have done is eliminated unhealthy ingredients such as butter and ghee and substituted them with ‘healthier fats’.

In some dishes, we have only substituted a certain ingredient with another and in this way have made it ‘healthier’, a perfect example is papri chaat, where the papri (crisp pastry) is still deep fried, although the full fat yoghurt in the dish has been substituted with low fat yoghurt, thus making it ‘lighter’.