Course Trainer: Dipna Anand

Dipna's Background

Dipna Anand is the Indian cookery course instructor together with the co-owner and Assistant Manager of The Brilliant Restaurant. She is also a Chef Lecturer and Lecturer in Hospitality and Catering at three different educational establishments in and around London, including The University of West London and Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. Together with her role in the family run-restaurant and lecturing, Dipna is the author of the soon to be released ‘Brilliant Cook Book’ which will include the secret recipes from the family restaurant, together with some of her own creations. Dipna’s has also ventured out into the product manufacturing market and assisted her father in bottling a range of specialist chutneys and pickles made at the restaurant together with the newly launched Garam Masala spice consisting of 15 individual spices.

Dipna is passionate about food and real Indian cooking and has also been on the brink of creating new and exciting Indian healthy recipes which are also on the menu at The Brilliant and have proved to be a hit with the customers. Dipna’s A-Level food technology project on low-fat Indian cookery earned her top marks and won her a National award from The British Nutrition Foundation as the best project in the country. She was recently given an award announced by the Prime Minister for ‘Personality of the Year 2012 at the annual British Curry Award function in recognition for her work within the industry. Whilst announcing Dipna’s award, David Cameron highlighted that the curry industry in Britain today is part of culinary life and congratulated Dipna for being an inspirational woman in her field of work, playing a key role in shaping UK’s food industry today.

Dipna is a First Class Honours Degree holder in the subject of Hospitality and Catering with Food studies. She graduated at The University of West London (formally known as Thames Valley University) and was awarded a post-graduate (Masters) scholarship for her high result.

Dipna believes the secret for her success is hard work, passion and dedication and a ‘can do’ attitude in tasks she carries out. She encourages youngsters to pursue careers in the catering and hospitality industry and feels strongly about the fact that the food industry in the UK needs skilled staff including Managers and Chefs to further increase the success of hospitality and Catering especially in the much loved curry industry Britain has. Dipna has watched her father’s successes and is proud of the way in which he has run the restaurant over the last 38 years. She strives to be just like her father and sees him as her role model and believes both her parents are the reason she has achieved so much at such an early stage of her career.

Dipna is set to be the woman to transform the perception of Indian food as going hand-in-hand with healthy food. “My mission is to raise the profile of Indian food as healthy food and also to show how quick, easy and simple Indian food really is to make. I believe that to be successful in this sector you need two things, it’s quite a simple formula, passion plus dedication is equal to success and rewards”.

Dipna has recently been approached by a production company to start her own TV cookery show and is looking forward to teach the nation how to cook REAL Indian food. WATCH THIS SPACE!


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