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Vegetable Jalfrezi

Babycorn, sweetcorn kernels, mushrooms, red and green capsicums in a spicy masala. £7.00

Vegetable Koftay

Round dumplings made with bottle gourd , flavoured with pomegranate seeds and crumbled fenugreek, battered in gram flour and dipped into a masala gravy. £7.00

Bombay Alu

-Healthy Option- Potatoes cooked with tomatoes and seasoned with mustard seeds. Made with olive oil as opposed to ghee. Nutrition per portion: Energy 145.4.1kcal, Fat 10.2g, Saturated Fat 3.4g £6.00


Lady fingers (okra) cooked with sliced onions, flavoured with ginger and garam masala. £7.00

Egg Curry

Boiled eggs delicately cooked in a light masala gravy. £6.00

Paneer Jalfrezi

Home-made Indian cheese cubes cooked with fresh red and green capsicums in a masala sauce. £7.00

Palak Paneer

Home-made Indian cheese cubes cooked delicately with fresh spinach leaves. £7.00

Mattar Paneer

Peas with home-made Indian cheese cubes in a lightly spiced gravy. £7.00

Alu Bringles

Potatoes and aubergine cooked in a mildly spiced masala sauce. £6.00

Alu Gobi

Potato and cauliflower florets flavoured with fresh ginger and garlic. £6.00