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Chilli Naan

Leavened bread filled with fresh chopped green chillies and baked in the clay oven. £3.50

Dal Tarka

-Healthy Option- Yellow lentils (channa) cooked and sizzled with chopped garlic and red chillies in a thick textured soup. Made with sunflower oil, a polyunsaturated fat as opposed to saturated fat. Nutrition per portion: Energy 240.1kcal, Fat 5.6g, Saturated Fat … Continue reading

Lamb Curry

Lamb chunks cooked in a runny masala gravy. Flavoured with fresh green chillies and garnished with fresh coriander. £8.00

Masala Chips

Potato chips flavoured with garlic and chilli. £4.00


Traditional Kenyan Cassava deep fried and garnished with red chilli powder. £3.00

Chilli Mogo

Traditional Kenyan Cassava pan fried in garlic and chilli. £3.50

Bhajia Mix (Onion Bhaji)

Small cubes of potato mixed with spinach, onions and green chillies, indulged with spices, coated with gram flour and deep fried. £4.00

Chilli Paneer

Pan fried triangular chunks of homemade Indian cheese with onions and fresh capsicums. Spiced with garlic and green chillies and flavoured with fresh lemon. £7.50

Tandoori La-Jawab Prawns

King prawns steeped in a marinade of fresh garlic, herbs and limejuice. Spiced with green chillies and delicately grilled in the clay oven. £12.00

Seekh Kebabs

Minced lamb kebabs with chopped onions, flavoured with red chilli and coriander. Skewered to perfection in the clay oven. £3.00