The Royal Wedding Brilliant style

AN AWARD-winning restaurant in Southall favoured by Prince Charles have given out free food to celebrate The Royal Wedding on Friday.

The Brilliant Restaurant in Southall have provided a free plate of chickpea curry and fried bread for passers-by and people attending nearby street parties.

The venue has entertained the Prince of Wales in the past, who pro- claimed it his favourite Indian restau- rant in the UK. ‘The Brilliant Restaurant’ in Southall which has been visited twice by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Ms. Dipna & Mr. Gullu said In celebration of The Royal Wedding we had a street party of our own and were giving away free lunch (Chickpea curry
and fried bread) to guests and passers by, we ended up serving a total of 4000 people in total.The Royal family have always been very supportive of our restaurant and this is our way of show- ing our happiness and best wishes to them in return. The atmosphere out- side and inside the restaurant was spectacular, we even had a prince harry look-alike turn up

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