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An award winning North Indian Punjabi family run restaurant voted as one of Ramsay’s Best for the Channel 4 series. The Restaurant represents 150 years of catering experience and expertise and our unique recipes are now in their third generation. At the heart of the business is devotion to authentic, fresh and superbly prepared food, making us truly “The Only One Of Its Kind”


Bishen Dass Anand opened the first BRILLIANT RESTAURANT in Kenya in the fifties. His sons and daughters helped in the running of the restaurant and enjoyed growing up in and around its customers, its food, its nights and days. Together with running the restaurant, Bishen Dass also opened up a Brilliant nightclub and Hotel in Nairobi as well as ran a very busy outside Catering business, catering for up to 10,000 people at a time. Not only was Bishen Dass a master of his trade but he was known to many as being the Masterchef and was frequently cooking for the Maharaja’s and Chief Ministers in Kenya. Sadly Bishen Dass passed away in 1970 and his family continued the legacy of The Brilliant. In 1973 due to political pressure in Africa, the Anand family moved to the UK. Whilst in the UK, two of Bishen Dass’s son, Kewal and Gulu Anand decided to carry on the tradition and trademark of the Brilliant and in 1975 opened
the first Brilliant Restaurant on Western Road in Southall.
The restaurant started as a 30 seat restaurant and ever since has extended 7 times and is now a 220 seat establishment. The business has grown organically and also has a private banqueting suite, an outside Catering business, a cookery school and also sells its own brands of pickles and chutneys.

In 2010 Kewal retired and Gulu continued running the Brilliant alongside his children Dipna and Shanker who are truly devoted to running what their father calls his ship, steering in the right direction and taken the restaurant to further superior heights.

The food served at The Brilliant is authentic North Indian Punjabi food with Kenyan influences also seen on the menu and each of the dishes has a unique flavour, taste and texture and is cooked to perfection. At the heart of the business is devotion to authentic, fresh and superbly prepared food. The Management and staff do everything they can to ensure that those who chose to dine at the restaurant have a ‘Brilliant’ time. That often means doing immensely more than simply cooking. The motive of the restaurant is not just to serve the customer, but to ensure the customer leaves with a smile, happy and satisfied with one thought in mind “we shall be back at The Brilliant very soon”. Customer at the Brilliant, are more than just diners, when they come to the restaurant, they become part of the ‘Brilliant’ family. This together with the high standards of food is what keeps guests coming back.


On numerous occasions the Brilliant Management team has been asked to open branches in various parts of London and also abroad. Although it is felt the Brilliant would be extremely successful if this route was taken, this route has not been taken for one simple reason. If customers want to come to The Brilliant, they shall travel the distance and make the effort to visit no matter how far the Brilliant is, because The Brilliant is now known to be an institution in Southall and visits for each diner prove more than worthwhile.

The Management believe that the restaurant is successful as it is family run, now in its third generation. Dipna Anand Shanker are both working hard to bring in new concepts, ideas and innovations. After Brilliant’s success on Channel 4’s ‘Ramsay’s Best Restaurant’ series, where the restaurant was voted as one of ‘Ramsay’s Best’ and after being visited by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the popularity of the Brilliant has risen even further resulting in greater customer demand for Brilliant food.


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