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We have been fortunate to have a strong background in the Indian Restaurant industry and grown up in and around the food and catering business. Our late grandfather Bishen Dass Anand opened the first ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ in Kenya in the fifties and was known to be the ‘Master of all Chefs’. Up until today our grandfather’s recipes live on and are very much the reason our Restaurant has become synonymous and so successful in the Indian Restaurant trade today.


We now bring you our unique high-grade hand-made pickles and chutneys and our 15 spice Garam
Masala recipes created by our grandfather, dating back to over 60 years, now in their third generation.
All of our products are made in the UK using the freshest and finest natural ingredients, making these
pickles and chutneys one of a kind. We hope you enjoy sharing our products with us.


Garam Masala £7.99

Brilliant’s home-made Garam Masala spice blend is made uniquely using fifteen individual spices, reflecting our devotion to authenticity and quality. The name ‘Brilliant’ is synonymous in the UK Indian restaurant industry with reliability and superiority and we now share with you our secret recipe, which dates back over sixty years. This Garam Masala family recipe uses only natural ingredients, and flavours your dish so that it tastes simply ‘Brilliant’

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